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Why A Peer Group? 

“Looking back over my journey, there were two key elements that contributed to my success, being coached and being in a peer group. Without those two keys, I wouldn’t have experienced the levels of success I did. I know the power of coaching and the power of the peer group. When those two things come together, it’s a game-changer. That is why I formed the ConneXion Group.”
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Peer Group member businesses grow 2.2X faster compared to their non-member competitors.

What Can You Expect from ConneXion?

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The ConneXion Group provides members with a peer-based advisory board, where Owners and Entrepreneurs share their perspectives, insights, and wisdom. Think of them as a Board of Advisors.

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Following through with ideas and initiatives is greatly increased where there is accountability. ConneXion members hold their fellow members accountable for what they say they will do. Thus, better results are achieved.
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Only one business per class is allowed in the ConneXion Group. Lockout the competition. Grab the unfair advantage.


Reinventing the wheel is time-consuming and frustrating. Draw from the knowledge and experience of the other Owners & Entrepreneurs.


ConneXion is a powerful place where Owners & Entrepreneurs can have their ideas examined, tested, and improved. Good ideas happen. But, great ideas are crafted and developed when sharp-minded thinkers come together to process, improve, and refine ideas.

Lockout and get ahead of your competition by registering TODAY!
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The only people who truly understand what business Owners & Entrepreneurs go through are other Owners & Entrepreneurs. By understanding these unique challenges and circumstances, members are equipped to guide and walk alongside one another.

When running your business feels overwhelming, a strong network of your peers is your best ally. They can encourage you to persevere, to push through and to win.

Strong bonds are developed when people walk through life together.


ConneXion members receive monthly one-to-one coaching as part of their membership. Coaching will take place at the location of the members choosing.
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To schedule an initial interview, contact:
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